Raspberry Pi camera mount (with light) for Ender 3 v2 Neo

This is a remix of this arm and this camera case. My design allows you to mount a Raspberry Pi V1/V2 camera with a Neopixel LED strip to your Creality Ender 3 v2 Neo printer.


  • Neopixel strip (Amazon – US)
  • Raspberry Pi cam v1 from Arducam (Amazon – US)
  • Longer pi cam ribbon cable (Amazon – US)
  • M3 brass insert (Amazon – US)
  • M3 screw (Amazon – US)

You can find the .stl’s on Printables here.

Print settings

  • Printer: Creality Ender 3v2 Neo 
  • Filament: Creality PLA – Black (Amazon – US)
  • Bed temperature: 60’c
  • Nozzle temperature: 205’c
  • Infill: 20%

Build/installation guide

You’ll need to print one of each part apart from the short arm – you’ll need two of them.

The piece that connects the camera arm to the printer is designed to work with the screws that come with the Ender 3 v2/v2 Neo.

LED Configuration

  1. Run sudo apt install -y python3-pip to install python and pip.
  2. Pull the script from github
  3. Set the script to run at startup by adding this command @reboot python home/pi/neopixel-on.py to the end of your crontab by running crontab -e

Ta-da, here is a screenshot from Octoprint of the image from the camera. I’m pretty underwhelmed by the image quality from this camera so I’ll be upgrading to a Pi camera module 3.

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